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This report was produced for the HSE project on 'Assessment of Software Components for use in IEC 61508-Compliant Safety-Related Applications'. The main focus for this project is 'software of uncertain pedigree' (SOUP) used in safety-related applications. This document reviews current assessment methods for SOUP and summarises the evidence required for(More)
This report gives constructive technical guidance on how to develop advisory software so as to achieve compliance with IEC 61508 " Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems ". This guidance defines the scope of a limited class of safety-related advisory software, explains in a software context what IEC 61508(More)
Executive Summary The way to transform troubled schools is through building healthier learning environments where students receive nurturing rather than punitive intervention. To improve school climate, the authors suggest: • Schools do not suspend students, but offer behavioral interventions for students who are referred for discipline. • Schools support(More)
Background/Context: For the last 40 years, researchers have posited competing theories regarding the relative influence of social class background and racial-group membership on the school experiences, academic performance, behavior, and motivation of ethnic minority students. The general purpose of these competing theories has been to explain why ethnic(More)
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