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The notion of geometric nerve of a 2-category (Street, [18]) provides a full and faithful functor if regarded as defined on the category of 2-categories and lax 2-functors. Furthermore, lax 2-natural transformations between lax 2-functors give rise to homotopies between the corresponding simplicial maps. These facts allow us to prove a representation(More)
We determine the Postnikov Tower and Postnikov Invariants of a Crossed Complex in a purely algebraic way. Using the fact that Crossed Complexes are homotopy types for filtered spaces, we use the above “algebraically defined” Postnikov tower and Postnikov invariants to obtain from them those of filtered spaces. We argue that a similar “purely algebraic”(More)
INTRODUCTION Transitions between inpatient and outpatient care and pediatric to adult care are associated with increased mortality for sickle cell disease (SCD) patients. As accurate and timely sharing of health information is essential during transitions, a health information technology (HIT)-enabled tool holds promise to improve care transitions. (More)
Extensive variation exists in the follow-up of positive screens for sickle cell disease. Limited quality indicators exist to measure if the public health goals of screening-early initiation of treatment and enrollment to care-are being achieved. This manuscript focuses on the development of quality indicators related to the follow-up care for individuals(More)
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