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The notion of geometric nerve of a 2-category (Street, [18]) provides a full and faithful functor if regarded as defined on the category of 2-categories and lax 2-functors. Furthermore, lax 2-natural transformations between lax 2-functors give rise to homotopies between the corresponding sim-plicial maps. These facts allow us to prove a representation(More)
By regarding the classical non abelian cohomology of groups from a 2-dimensional categorical viewpoint, we are led to a non abelian cohomology of groupoids which continues to satisfy classification, interpretation and representation theorems generalizing the classical ones. This categorical approach is based on the fact that if groups are regarded as(More)
The First Asia-Oceania Research Organisation on Genital Infections and Neoplasia (AOGIN) Meeting was held in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, in July 2005. The conference covered regional issues relating to infection with the human papillomavirus—epidemiology, virology, and immunology, testing, screening, and prevention strategies—as well as cervical cancer(More)
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