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2606 gerbils of four species from Tajikistan were examined. On them there were found over 14 thousand sucking lice of 10 species, four of which are typical to gerbils. Hoplopleura merionidis Ferris is a Mongolian-Turkestan species, which in Central Asia parasitizes Meriones meridianus Pallas and M. unguiculatus Milne-Edw. and in Middle Asia--M. meridianus(More)
18 068 small mammals belonging to 15 species were examined, 25 059 lice of 7 species (Hoplopleura acanthopus, H. edentula, H. affinis, H. longula, Polyplax serrata, P. borealis, Neohaematopinus laeviusculus) were collected from 2355 animals of 14 species. Information is given on the species composition, occurrence and abundance for lice on shrews and(More)
2213 lice of Neohaematopinus palaearctcus Ols. were collected from 152 of 865 examined specimens of Marmota caudata Geoffr. from different vertical zones of Tadjikistan. The long-tailed marmot is characterized by a moderate or poor infestation with lice. In the subalpine zone, where the number and density of these animals in rather high, the infestation(More)
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