E. F. Sorokoletova

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The results concerning analysis of the mutagenic activity of analogues of nitrogen bases are given for Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Streptomyces antibioticus, Bacillus subtilis. The mutagenic activity of purine derivatives depends on their metabolic transformations in cell and on the activity of enzyme systems, involved in regulation of purine biosynthesis.(More)
Mutagenic action of UV-light, nitrosoguanidine and nitrosomethylbiuret was studied in Streptomyces antibioticus VNIIA 1607. Nitrosomethylbiuret appeared to be most effective inducer of auxotrophic mutations (mutation frequency reached 15%). By means of hybridological analysis, it was shown that heterokaryons predominated in the progeny of mixed cultures of(More)
Composition of sterol fractions of nystatin-resistantCandida maltosa strains was determined. Using UV-spectrometry, TLC and GLC-MS it was demonstrated that resistance to nystatin is connected with the composition alterations of yeast cell sterols. Block of different stages of ergosterol biosynthesis was revealed in some mutants,viz. C-24-transmethylation,(More)
The basis of biotesting principles consists of recording responses of individual test-subjects of different degree of organization. The complex of short-term biological tests to analyse harmful effects of both separate chemical substances and total toxicants in the environmental subjects is one of the alternative approaches of express assessment in(More)
Three species of Fucus inhabiting different zones at the littoral and sublittoral of the White Sea (F. vesiculosus L., F. serratus L., and F. distichus L.) were compared with regard to performance of the photosynthetic apparatus (PSA) and PSA changes upon prolonged desiccation of algae. The content of chlorophyll a and the total content of carotenoids were(More)
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