E F Schipper

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In this work, we demonstrate improved molecular detection sensitivity for silicon slab photonic crystal cavities by introducing multiple-hole defects (MHDs), which increase the surface area available for label-free detection without degrading the quality factor. Compared to photonic crystals with L3 defects, adding MHDs into photonic crystal cavities(More)
The feasibility of detecting small molecules such as pesticides using optical evanescent-wave sensors is discussed with emphasis on the Mach-Zehnder sensor and a newly developed sensor called a 'critical' sensor. For direct detection of an estimated average pesticide layer growth of 2X 10m4 nm, the sensitivity of the Mach-Zehnder sensor is almost adequate(More)
A new planar waveguide immunosensor has been developed in which adsorption at a surface, changing the refractive index contrast, is measured. In this "critical" sensor the change in the effective refractive index contrast is transducted to a shift of the critical reflection angle. The sensor's theoretically. In addition, an experimental sensitivity(More)
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