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T and B cells were sought in effusion fluids of 13 patients with lymphoma. In T cell lymphomas (four cases) morphologically abnormal cells that formed E rosettes were present. In B cell lymphomas (nine cases) morphologically abnormal cells were present in only two cases, however immunological studies showed a reduction in T cells and monoclonal light chain(More)
Mice injected with a single dose of 60 mg cholesterol oleate emulsion showed substantial blockade of the monoclear phagocyte system measured by the rate of vascular clearance of radio-labelled sheep erythrocytes. The labelled rythrocytes, in lipid treated mice, localized mainly in the spleen, contrasting with control mice in which localization was mainly in(More)
The reactivity of a new monoclonal antibody to the T-cell beta chain antigen receptor (beta F1) with routinely processed paraffin sections from patients with T-cell lymphoma is described. Staining of tumour cells was seen in 36/47 cases of T-cell lymphoma. No staining was seen in any cases of B-cell lymphoma (0/21 cases), nine of which had previously been(More)
Frozen sections from 35 T-cell lymphomas were stained with the Diversi-T alpha beta T-Cell Receptor panel which includes seven antibodies to T-cell receptor variable region gene products. In five cases a monoclonal population of T-cells could be demonstrated (one case V beta 5+, three cases V beta 8+ and one case V beta 6+) and in a further case a biclonal(More)
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