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Studies of vulnerability and resilience have multiplied with the growing realization that societal response, particularly societal capacity to adapt to climate change impacts, determines both the severity of impacts and the costs of adaptation. The definition and focus of such studies come from other research communities, including research in impacts of(More)
The people who use Federal buildings — Federal employees, operations and maintenance staff, and the general public — can significantly impact a building's environmental performance and the consumption of energy, water, and materials. Many factors influence building occupants' use of resources (use behaviors) including work process requirements, ability to(More)
Institutional Profile: The United States Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland is the undergraduate college of the Navy. USNA prepares 4500 Midshipmen for careers as officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. Six hundred faculty members, half civilian scholars and half experienced military officers, teach the Brigade. Four hundred civilians and military(More)
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