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BACKGROUND In France, there are no guidelines available on withholding and withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments, and information on the frequency of such decisions is scarce. METHODS We undertook a prospective 2-month survey in 113, of a total of 220, intensive-care units (ICUs) in France to study the frequency of, and processes leading to, decisions(More)
This paper analyzes the relationship between bank sediment storage and radionuclide content in six alluvial sites located in different geomorphic contexts along the lower Rhône River. The 137Cs, 238Pu, 239+240Pu, 241Am and 210Pb profiles show different patterns, which indicates a differential storage of contaminated sediment in the banks. Three sites record(More)
Sampling of airborne ragweed and other pollen grains in the City of New York is described as it took place during the months of August and September 1973. Three sampling stations participated in the program. This effort was meant to serve as the forerunner of a citywide volunteer pollen sampling network based on the cooperation of existing health care(More)
During surgical procedures in which nitrous oxide (N2O) anaesthesia was administered there was an increased concentration of both nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in operating-room air. Preliminary studies suggest that the use of certain devices (e.g., electric cauteries, X-ray machines) capable of releasing energy in the operating-room produce(More)
  • Gianmarco Capitanio, Vladimir Arnold Directeur, Marc Chaperon, Victor Goryunov Rapporteur, Harold Rosenberg, Jean-Claude Sikorav +9 others
Familles tangentielles et solutions de minimax pour l'´ equation de Hamilton–Jacobi soutenue le 25 Juin 2004 devant le jury composé de choukran et merci! Ringrazio di tutto cuore la mia famiglia, mamma, papà e Gabriele, per la fiducia che hanno sempre avuto in me, per essermi sempre stati vicini per incoraggiarmi e sostenermi, e per avermi dato i mezzi per(More)
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