E. Eugene Schultz

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In the modern multi-user computer environment, Internet-capable network servers provide connectivity that allows a large portion of the user population to access information at the desktop from sources around the world. Because of the ease with which information can be accessed, computer security breaches may occur unless systems and restricted information(More)
Organizations rely on security technology in their efforts to secure their computers and networks. Security technology such as antivirus software, firewalls, and intrusion detection system (IDS) and intrusion prevention system (IPS) have become commonplace in organizations, especially in larger countries around the world. Security information and event(More)
Firewalls protect a trusted network from an untrusted network by filtering traffic according to a specified security policy. A diverse set of firewalls is being used today. As it is infeasible to examine and test each firewall for all possible potential problems, a taxonomy is needed to understand firewall vulnerabilities in the context of firewall(More)
Entering a username-password combination is a widely used procedure for identification and authentication in computer systems. However, it is a notoriously weak method, in that the passwords adopted by many users are easy to crack. In an attempt to improve security, proactive password checking may be used, in which passwords must meet several criteria to be(More)