E. Emiel van Loon

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ions and simplifications of those entities. Objects may have boundaries that contain positional information, such as absolute coordinates in space or relative distances between objects. If the coordinates or distances are uncertain, the boundaries contain positional uncertainty. The boundaries themselves may be ‘crisp’ or ‘gradual’, for which Boolean or(More)
The endemic crabs of Lake Tanganyika include a phenotypically diverse clade that exhibits recent divergence and low phylogenetic species resolution. There are indications that ecological niche segregation has played a prominent role in the divergence of this clade. We used habitat surveys, gut content analyses and stable isotope analyses to test the extent(More)
Predictions of future climate over the next 100 years show that the frequency of long periods of droughts in summer will increase in the Netherlands. This study investigated the effect of 14 annually repeated droughts on soil respiration at a Dutch heathland. Field measurements of total soil respiration (RS) and microbial respiration (RH) were modeled to(More)
Shrublands are ecosystems vulnerable to climate changes, with key functions such as carbon storage likely to be affected. In dwarf shrublands dominated by Calluna vulgaris, the aboveground carbon allocation is associated with community age and phase of development. As the Calluna community grows older, a shift to net biomass loss occurs and it was(More)
Designing technologies is a process that relies on multiple interactions between design and use contexts. These interactions are essential to the development and establishment of technologies. This article seeks to understand the attempts of healthcare organisations to integrate use contexts into the design of healthcare technologies following insights of(More)