E. Elhanaty

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A set of 41 overlapping peptides, representing the complete sequence of SFV-E2 protein were synthesized and analyzed in the ELISA test against murine anti-SFV sera. No single peptide was recognized by all antisera. Eight peptides were found to be highly reactive with hyperimmune anti-SFV sera. Six out of the eight peptide sequences coincide with the most(More)
Cleavage of the human platelet thrombin receptor by thrombin exposes a new N-terminal which acts as a putative tethered ligand. A synthetic peptide--"SFLL" (SFLLRNPNDKYEPF), corresponding to the new N-terminal region, activates and induces platelet aggregation and serotonin secretion. We have found that the pentapeptide--SFLLR is the minimal peptide length(More)
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