E. Edmund Kim

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AIM To determine the diagnostic accuracy of integrated contrast-enhanced positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT), as compared with non-contrasted PET/CT, in evaluating nodal status of malignant lymphoma in pelvic and retroperitoneal lymphatic pathways. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-six patients (33 men and 33 women) with malignant(More)
OBJECTIVE In the era of targeted therapy for advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC), appropriate prognosis prediction is necessary for optimal therapy with or without cytoreductive surgery. We evaluated prognostic implication of extrarenal metabolic tumor burden in nephrectomized patients with advanced RCC. METHODS Forty-four patients with advanced RCC who(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was aimed to assess pancreas beta cell activity using (99m)Tc-diethyleneaminepentaacetic acid-glipizide (DTPA-GLP), a sulfonylurea receptor agent. The effect of DTPA-GLP on the blood glucose level in rats was also evaluated. METHODS DTPA dianhydride was conjugated with GLP in the presence of sodium amide, yielding 60%. Biodistribution(More)
Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) plays an important role in angiogenesis and cancer progression. Since many tumor cells exhibit COX-2 expression, functional imaging of COX-2 expression using celebrex (CBX, a COX-2 inhibitor) may provide not only a non-invasive, reproducible, quantifiable alternative to biopsies, but it also greatly complements pharmacokinetic(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES To evaluate the usefulness of size-modified (99m)Tc-labeled liposomes for the detection of acute postoperative mediastinitis in a mouse model. METHODS Fourteen mice underwent low-neck collar incision and had sterile abscesses induced in mediastinum with turpentine. Ten of these animals were injected intravenously with anionic(More)
We have developed ethylenedicysteine-glucosamine (ECG) as an alternative to (18)F-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose ((18)F-FDG) for cancer imaging. ECG localizes in the nuclear components of cells via the hexosamine biosynthetic pathway. This study was to evaluate the feasibility of imaging mesothelioma with (99m)Tc-ECG and (68)Ga-ECG. ECG was synthesized from(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical performance of whole-body (18)F-FDG PET/Dixon-volume-interpolated breath-hold examination (Dixon-VIBE), T1-weighted, and T2-weighted MRI protocol in patients with colorectal cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 59 patients with colorectal cancer were enrolled in this study. Each patient had(More)
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