E. Echavarria

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This work is aimed at establishing a common frame and understanding of function modeling (FM) for our ongoing research activities. A comparative review of the literature is performed to grasp the various FM approaches with their commonalities and differences. The relations of FM with the research fields of artificial intelligence, design theory, and(More)
A case of disseminated adiaspiromycosis in an AIDS patient is described. The most notable characteristic of the infection was the extensive osteomyelitis exhibited by the patient. Positive cultures for Chrysosporium parvum var. parvum were obtained from pus taken from a lesion of the wrist during surgery as well as from sputum samples and a bone marrow(More)
The objective of this on-going research is to develop a design methodology to increase the availability for offshore wind farms, by means of an intelligent maintenance system capable of responding to faults by reconfiguring the system or subsystems, without increasing service visits, complexity, or costs. The idea is to make use of the existing functional(More)
A Monte-Carlo Simulation using a code written at TU Delft named CONTOFAX [1] was ran to obtain an insight on improved maintenance strategies to increase the availability of the wind farm. Another approach to improve the reliability and therefore availability of the system, and which is the focus of this project, is to develop an intelligent maintenance(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The burn patient is the clearest example of prolonged inflammatory response. Various nutrients, particularly omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (ω-3 PUFAs), have been demonstrated as attenuating the inflammatory response, and reduce infectious complications. In absence of definitive evidence in major burns the study aimed at investigating(More)
Introduction Traumatic disease is a leading cause of death in younger patients. Substance abuse is a factor of risk for serious injuries and also influences the recurrence thereof. Detecting consumption is paramount to optimize the management of these patients in the care unit intensive as well as high once for prevention strategies secondary. Within these(More)
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