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Perhaps more than any other "-omics" endeavor, the accuracy and level of detail obtained from mapping the major connection pathways in the living human brain with diffusion MRI depend on the capabilities of the imaging technology used. The current tools are remarkable; allowing the formation of an "image" of the water diffusion probability distribution in(More)
Up to the 2007 crisis, research within bottom-up CDO models mainly concentrated on the dependence between defaults. Since then, due to substantial increases in market prices of systemic credit risk protection, more attention has been paid to recovery rate assumptions. In this paper, we use stochastic orders theory to assess the impact of recovery on CDOs(More)
InjJOdWiQn Low bit rate coding of high quality digital audio uses perceptual criteria to shape the quantization noise. [ 11 is an example for such an algorithm. Modelling of the hearing process is necessary to get knowledge about the required noise shaping. Such models used to estimate the actual hearing threshold of the human ear and in this way determine(More)
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