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Papillary transitional cell tumors were found in the urinary bladders in 8 rats out of 80 that received 2600 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day of a mixture of sodium cyclamate and sodium saccharin (10:1) for up to 105 weeks. From week 79 on, several of these rats received cyclohexylamine hydrochloride (125 milligrams per kilogram per day, the(More)
Chronic rat feeding studies were conducted on a 10: 1 cyclamate/saccharin (C/S) mixture to supplement previous investigations which had established the safety of the individual components. The test mixture was fed at dietary levels designed to furnish 500, 1120, and 2500 mg/kg body weight to groups of 35 male and 45 female rats. The protocol included(More)
Cyclohexylamine (CHA), the metabolite of cyclamate produced in varying degree by gastrointestinal microorganisms, was subjected to a 2-year multi-generation feeding study in rats, at dosages of 15, 50, 100, and 150 mg/kg/d. Observations included growth, feed efficiency, clinical and hematological tests, reproduction, teratology, mortality and gross and(More)