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Tilmicosin, a new macrolide antibiotic, 20-deoxo-20-(3,5-dimethylpiperidin-l-yl)desmycosin, formerly identified as EL-870, has been evaluated in three experiments as a single subcutaneous injection at dosages of 10, 20 or 30 mg/kg for the treatment of naturally occurring pneumonia in neonatal calves. Male Holstein calves, under five days of age, were(More)
Although a substantial number of 16-membered macrolides related to tylosin have now been isolated and evaluated as antibiotics, none appeared to be superior to tylosin in treating bacterial or mycoplasmal infections caused by sensitive organisms. Nevertheless, this comparison of the antibiotic activity of 16-membered macrolides clearly indicates that novel(More)
The effectiveness of orally administered tylosin tartrate for the control of naturally occurring pneumonia was determined in 287 neonatal calves. Tylosin tartrate was mixed with reconstituted milk replacer at the time of feeding. Daily doses of 1.0 g (0.5 g BID), 2.0 g (1.0 g BID) and 4.0 g (2.0 g BID) were evaluated for periods ranging from seven to 28(More)
Three series of semi-synthetic derivatives of tylosin-related macrolides were evaluated for utility in veterinary medicine. 23-Modified derivatives of 5-O-mycaminosyltylonolide (OMT) possessed potent activity in vitro against species of Pasteurella and Mycoplasma. An experimental infection in chicks caused by Pasteurella multocida was utilized to evaluate(More)
Reductive amination of the C-20 aldehyde group of tylosin and related macrolides yielded a large series of derivatives with potentially useful antibiotic properties. Evaluation of these new compounds was conducted on the basis of: 1) Broad antimicrobial spectrum in vitro, with particular emphasis on inhibition of Pasteurella multocida and Pasteurella(More)
This report describes the incidence of Mycoplasma dispar, ureaplasma and conventional (large colony) mycoplasma isolated from the pneumonic lungs of groups of young calves and the identification to species level of mycoplasmas in mixed populations with the aid of the indirect fluorescent antibody test. Pneumonic lung tissue yielded one or more mycoplasma(More)