E E Granstrem

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Spatial organisation and quantitative features of cortico-cortical neurons in area 17 that project to area 21a of cat visual cortex were investigated. We used the HRP technique and two-dimensional reconstruction from serial sections of brain. Pattern of distribution of labelled cells in some regions of areas 17 and 18, on the lateral and medial surface of(More)
The investigation has been performed in the human brain of persons at the age of 75-87 years, in the auditory cortex of old cats and in bioplates obtained from epileptic foci of the hippocamp and the temporal cortex of 11 patients suffering from temporal epilepsy (at the age of 12-29 years). Distal parts of the dendrites contain a large amount of(More)
Distribution of degenerating synaptic boutons in fields 18 and 19 of the cat cerebral visual cortex was studied in every layer electron microscopically after the white substance was dissected under one of these fields. It was demonstrated that the V-shaped system under investigation consisting of associative fibres connects four superficial cortical layers(More)
To study electron microscopically intracortical connections between areas 18 and 19 in the visual cortex of the cat brain, the distribution of synaptic terminals in every lamina of these areas was investigated after dissection of their border as deep as the grey matter. Mainly axo-dendritic synapses in large, small dendrites and in spines degenerated(More)
The development of cluster organization of neurons forming direct interzonal associative projections from striate cortex (area 17) to extrastriate area 21a in cat was studied by a technique of horseradish peroxidase retrograde transport. Reconstruction of cortical region containing retrogradely labeled neurons was performed using continuous serial sections(More)
By the method of anterograde degeneration, distribution of projections of functionally definite AI and AIV zones of the cat auditory cortex have been studied in the posterior calculi of the tectum opticum. It has been demonstrated electron microscopically that an essentially part of the degenerating boutons are found in the middle and caudal thirds of the(More)
Ultrastructure of the central nucleus in the cat posterior colliculus was studied (cells, fibres, synaptic architectonics). Three types of amyelinated fibres were determined: with great number of mitochondria, with usual number of mitochondria, with large amount of granulated vesicles. The results obtained were compared with the data of electron microscopic(More)
Distribution of synapses formed by straight corticofugal fibers running from the zone A1 and A4 of the acoustic cortex in the main basilar nuclei of the cat superior olive has been studied electron microscopically. These synapses are presented as axodendritic structures situating on processes of small and middle diameters, predominantly at the side of the(More)