E. E. Filyushina

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The structural characteristics of the renal medulla and its interstitial cells were studied in hypertensive ISIAH rats (in comparison with normotensive WAG rats) in order to clear out the role of the renomedullary interstitial cells in the mechanisms of AP regulation. Morphometric electron microscopic analysis and immunohistochemical studies in ISIAH rats(More)
Comparative immunohistochemical and electron microscopic study of the adrenals from hypertensive ISIAH rats and normotensive WAG rats (control) showed a more intense reaction to chromogranin A in the ISIAH adrenal in comparison with the control. Electron microscopy and morphometric analysis showed high volume and numerical densities of the secretory(More)
Suppression of functional activity of macrophages by gadolinium chloride, suppressing the macrophage population and the endocytosis velocity, was studied in vivo. Injection of GdCl3 led to an increase in serum cholesterol concentration. Preliminary injection of GdCl3 to mice with lipidemia 24 h before poloxamer 407 reduced the concentrations of(More)
Comparative morphological study of the adenohypophysis was conducted in 3-week-old normotensive WAG and hypertensive ISIAH rats (prehypertension period) to elucidate the role of the adenohypophysis in the development of essential hypertension. Morphometric analysis revealed ultrastructural signs of functional activation of somatotrophs, gonadotrophs, and(More)
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