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The results of treatment with platinum based combination chemotherapy in ten patients with intracranial germ cell tumours (GCT) are presented. Two patients, treated for relapse within the central nervous system (CNS), attained partial responses of short duration. One patient with systemic relapse was successfully salvaged with chemotherapy. Seven patients(More)
Developmental changes in spherical cell sizes were measured in the ventral cochlear nucleus (VCN) in normal guinea pigs aged 2 days and 2, 7 and 12 weeks to establish the time course of postnatal neuronal growth, as a baseline for our experimental work. A continued growth of spherical cell size was observed in the VCN up to 7 weeks postnatally. Animals were(More)
Our progress towards the development of a particular form of cochlear implant for the totally deaf is described. A single channel stimulation at the round window or promontory is used. This involves a minimum of surgical intervention and infective risk, preserves the possibility of remission and allows the application of later developments. The signal used(More)
The development of auditory evoked responses as objective methods of testing hearing is discussed with attention focusing on the ‘crossed acoustic response’ (c.a.r.) in this role. The instrumentation used to facilitate the use of the c.a.r. in testing neonates and young children is described, and an outline is given on how some of the problems involved in(More)