E E Douek

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Our progress towards the development of a particular form of cochlear implant for the totally deaf is described. A single channel stimulation at the round window or promontory is used. This involves a minimum of surgical intervention and infective risk, preserves the possibility of remission and allows the application of later developments. The signal used(More)
Developmental changes in spherical cell sizes were measured in the ventral cochlear nucleus (VCN) in normal guinea pigs aged 2 days and 2, 7 and 12 weeks to establish the time course of postnatal neuronal growth, as a baseline for our experimental work. A continued growth of spherical cell size was observed in the VCN up to 7 weeks postnatally. Animals were(More)
Guinea pigs aged one week were exposed to white noise at a maximum of 76 dB SPL for 7 days and were then killed 3, 8 and 16 weeks later for histological examination of the cochlea by the surface preparation method. Appreciable increases in outer hair cell losses were observed in the apical turn 3/3 1/2, chiefly in the outer two rows, between the 3rd and 8th(More)
The possible effects of incubator noise on the hearing of premature babies have long been debated. The type of hearing loss found in 12 low-birthweight children was examined; and the variable noise level in regularly used incubators was measured. This noise, applied to guinea pigs continuously during their second week after birth, was shown histologically(More)
Stimulation with alternating current at the round window causes an accelerated uptake of extracellular HRP by endocytotic vesicles in inner hair cells at the base of the stimulated cochlea, near the site of the electrode, but does not noticeably affect uptake into outer hair cells. After unilateral electrical stimulation, efferent endings on outer hair(More)
Twenty nine patients (median age 12 years) with a CNS tumour, received platinum-based chemotherapy for assessable disease. In 23 patients there was an objective response with improvement lasting for a median duration of 11 months. There was little difference in the response to cisplatinum or carboplatin therapy. The response rates in specific disease groups(More)