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Mycobacterial cervical adenitis is an uncommon disease in children in Finland. During 10 years, from 1977-1986, its incidence was of the order of 0.3/year/100,000 children. Of the 12 bacteriologically verified cases, M. avium-intracellulare was isolated in nine, M. malmoense in two and M. tuberculosis in only one case. Neonatal BCG vaccination seemed to(More)
To evaluate the frequency, clinical features, and prognosis of patients with osteitis caused by bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination, medical records from Finnish children based on nationwide registration from 1960 to 1988 were retrospectively analyzed. During the study period, three different BCG vaccine preparations were used. In 222 children,(More)
Mycobacterium triplex, a recently described slowly growing nontuberculous mycobacterium, was isolated from a Finnish patient with pulmonary mycobacteriosis. The disease was successfully treated with antimycobacterial drugs. The strain isolated, which was similar to the type strain but differed slightly from the species description, was regarded as a variant(More)
Biopsies taken from the lymph nodes of 59 consecutive patients with cervical lymph node tuberculosis were examined bacteriologically and histologically. The series consisted of 18 men (mean age 40 years) and 41 women (mean age 46 years). Mycobacteria were isolated from 41 specimens (69 per cent), M. tuberculosis from 40 patients and a mycobacterium of the(More)
An epidemic of mild pneumonia was discovered during a chest radiographic survey of adolescents and young adults in two communities 110 kilometers apart in northern Finland. Antibodies to chlamydial antigens were found in 32 of 34 persons with pneumonitis. Microimmunofluorescence antibody tests suggest that the etiologic agent is closely related or identical(More)
The prevalence of infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis in prewar Somalia was surveyed by testing the tuberculin sensitivity of 2,792 infants and children and 446 mothers in two towns: Burao in the dry north and Kismayo in the humid south. Sensitivity increased with age, but considerable differences prevailed between the towns. In Burao a roughly linear(More)
Thin-layer chromatographic analysis of 72 Finnish clinical mycobacterial isolates presumptively identified as Mycobacterium malmoense revealed four major glycolipid profiles with two minor variations. An additional glycolipid profile was found in three British M. malmoense-like strains. No clear distinction between the strains could be made by means of gas(More)