E Dudríková

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Fifteen Slovak Merino sheep were included in the experiment. The animals weighing 21-28 kg were divided into three groups per five animals. In a six-week feeding experiment the animals of group I were given 50 mg supermethrin per kg live weight per day while those of group II received 200, and from week four of the experiment 300 mg supermethrin per kg live(More)
Three Slovak Merino sheep, weighing 38, 40 and 41 kg, were given single doses of 1500, 2700 or 3000 mg supermethrin/kg body weight. Clinical signs of intoxication were observed, and after death or sacrifice free cyanide levels were determined in the rumen contents and liver. The sheep that received 3000 mg supermethrin/kg had 7.2 and 0.58 mg cyanide/kg in(More)
Chronic toxic effects of supermethrin on some biochemical parameters (AST, ALT, LDH, creatinine and total proteins) were investigated in 84 individuals of Japanese quail divided into four groups (control-K, experimental group I-P1, experimental group II-P2, experimental group III-P3) in the conditions of 140-day avian reproductive test. The three(More)
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