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To identify components of the defense response that limit growth of a biotrophic fungal pathogen, we isolated Arabidopsis mutants with enhanced disease susceptibility to Erysiphe orontii. Our initial characterization focused on three mutants, eds14, eds15, and eds16. None of these is considerably more susceptible to a virulent strain of the bacterial(More)
Although we now have a wealth of information on the transcription patterns of all the genes in the Drosophila genome, much less is known about the properties of the encoded proteins. To provide information on the expression patterns and subcellular localisations of many proteins in parallel, we have performed a large-scale protein trap screen using a hybrid(More)
Affinity purification coupled to mass spectrometry provides a reliable method for identifying proteins and their binding partners. In this study we have used Drosophila melanogaster proteins triple tagged with Flag, Strep II, and Yellow fluorescent protein in vivo within affinity pull-down experiments and isolated these proteins in their native complexes(More)
SUMMARY Understanding developmental processes and building towards integrative systems biology require detailed knowledge of the spatio-temporal expression of genes and proteins. We have developed a software package for collecting, storing and searching the annotation of protein or gene expression patterns in Drosophila melanogaster. Using standard(More)
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