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Geant4 is a toolkit for simulating the passage of particles through matter. It includes a complete range of functionality including tracking, geometry, physics models and hits. The physics processes offered cover a comprehensive range, including electromagnetic, hadronic and optical processes, a large set of long-lived particles, materials and elements,(More)
Pain is a highly distressing symptom for patients with advanced cancer. WHO analgesic ladder is widely accepted as a guideline for its treatment. Our aim was to describe pain prevalence among patients diagnosed with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), impact of pain on quality of life (QoL) and adequacy of pain management. Data of 1021 Italian(More)
We are proposing a comprehensive program to study transverse momentum dependence of valence quark transverse and longitudinal spin distributions through measurements of single-spin and double-spin azimuthal asymmetries in semi-inclusive electroproduction of pions using the upgraded JLab 11 GeV polarized electron beam and the CLAS12 detector with a(More)
We show that the Politzer theorem on the equations of motion implies approximate constraints on the quark correlator. These, in turn, restrict considerably, for sufficiently large Q 2 , the number of independent distribution functions that characterize the internal structure of the nucleon, and of independent fragmentation functions. This result leads us to(More)
We illustrate two new theoretical conditions under which a two-body decay of a resonance violates time reversal invariance. As a consequence, we deduce two different kinds of tests of time reversal violation for such decays. The tests proposed may help detecting possible signals of physics beyond the Standard Model. In particular, they are sensitive to(More)
Weak decays of beauty baryons like Λ b into ΛV (J P = 1 −), where the produced resonances are polarized, offer interesting opportunity to perform tests of Time-Reversal Invariance. This paper emphasizes the particular role of the resonance polarization-vectors and their physical properties by symmetry transformations. In particular, it is shown that the(More)
A 62-year-old diabetic woman developed permanent neurological deficits in the legs following spinal anaesthesia. MRI showed oedema in the spinal cord and a small intramedullary focus of signal void at the T10 level, with negative density at CT. Intramedullary gas bubbles have not been reported previously among the possible neurological complications of(More)
We employ QCD sum rules, implemented with two numerical algorithms already tested in two different channels of Charmonium, in order to predict masses of resonances just above the ground states in the 3 P channels. We find that such masses are above the threshold of open charm. We calculate also the partial decay widths of the ground states into light(More)
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