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Dental students have little input into the selection of course topics and subject matter included in their dental curricula. Curriculum requirements are framed by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, which has stipulated competencies and associated biomedical and clinical knowledge that must be addressed during dental school. Although these competency(More)
The majority of studies examining dental school curriculum have addressed organization, structure, and content issues from the perspectives of administrators, faculty, practitioners/alumni, and professional organizations. However, few studies have focused on students' opinions of dental school. The purpose of this study was to determine students'(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM There are several electronic shade-matching instruments available for clinical use, but the reliability and accuracy of these instruments have not been thoroughly investigated. PURPOSE The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate the reliability and accuracy of 4 dental shade-matching instruments in a standardized environment.(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The natural tooth color space reported by a manufacturer may not represent the comprehensive spectrum of natural teeth for all population groups. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to define a natural tooth color space within the Greater Buffalo, New York population and to compare that to the color space determined by a(More)
Many North American dental schools face the challenge of replacing the majority of their "boomer generation" clinical instructors over the next ten years as this cohort of faculty reaches retirement age. Developing a new cadre of clinical instructors poses a substantial faculty development challenge: what instructional techniques should be integrated into(More)
This study provides additional evidence that creatine, an end product of contraction unique to muscle, is involved in the control of muscle protein synthesis. Creatine is shown to stimulate selectively the rate of synthesis of two major contractile proteins, actin and myosin heavy chain, in cultures of differentiating skeletal muscle. Creatine affects only(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Excessive wear of artificial resin teeth has been a concern to both the patient and the dentist because of unfavorable associated sequelae. The search for a more wear resistant resin tooth material resulted in the development of modified resin teeth that displayed acceptable wear resistance. PURPOSE This study compared clinical wear(More)
An intervention designed to test the influence of cognitive restructuring on protective oral health behaviors was conducted with 108 patients with mild to moderate gingivitis. Subjects in the experimental group viewed slides of active, mobile bacteria taken from their mouths on 5 occasions: before and after prophylaxis and at 3 appointments, one month(More)