E. Daniëlle van Pelt

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OBJECTIVE To identify CSF biomarkers for multiple sclerosis (MS) in children with an initial acquired CNS demyelinating syndrome (ADS). METHODS CSF was collected from a cohort of 39 children with initial ADS, 18 of whom were diagnosed with MS and 21 of whom had a monophasic disease course. Proteomic analysis of trypsinized CSF (20 μL) was performed by(More)
OBJECTIVE Antibodies to cell surface central nervous system proteins help to diagnose conditions which often respond to immunotherapies. The assessment of antibody assays needs to reflect their clinical utility. We report the results of a multicentre study of aquaporin (AQP) 4 antibody (AQP4-Ab) assays in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (NMOSD). (More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether 57 genetic risk loci recently identified in a large-scale genome-wide association study in adult patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) are also associated with a risk for pediatric-onset MS and whether they can predict MS diagnosis in children presenting with acquired demyelinating syndromes (ADS). METHODS We included 188(More)
BACKGROUND Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is in the developed countries the most common cause of death and disability in childhood. AIM The purpose of this study is to estimate the incidence of TBI for children and young people in an urbanised region of the Netherlands and to describe relevant characteristics of this group. METHODS Patients, aged 1 month(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, the International Paediatric Multiple Sclerosis Study Group (IPMSSG) definitions for the diagnosis of immune-mediated acquired demyelinating syndromes (ADS) of the central nervous system, including paediatric multiple sclerosis (MS), have been revised. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the 2012 revised IPMSSG consensus definitions in a cohort of(More)
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