E. D. de Goede

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In this paper, a shallow-water flow solver is presented, based on the finite-volume method on unstructured grids The method is suitable for flows that occur in rivers, channels, sewer systems (1D), shallow seas, rivers, overland flow (2D), and estuaries, lakes and shelf breaks (3D). We present an outline of the numerical approach and show three 2D test(More)
A vectorized version of the odd-even hopscotch (OEH) scheme and the alternation direction implicit (ADI) scheme have been implemented on vector computers for solving the two-dimensional Burgers equations on a rectangular domain. This paper examines the efficiency of both schemes on vector computers. Data structures and techniques employed in vectorizing(More)
The present paper describes the analysis and modeling of the South China Sea (SCS) temperature cycle on a seasonal scale. It investigates the possibility to model this cycle in a consistent way while not taking into account tidal forcing and associated tidal mixing and exchange. This is motivated by the possibility to significantly increase the model’s(More)
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