E D Wills

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A quantitative cytochemical method was developed for measuring the GSH (reduced glutathione) content of hepatocytes in different regions of the rat liver lobule. Use of this method enabled us to show that GSH is not evenly distributed within the rat liver lobule. The hepatocytes located within 100 micrometer of the central vein contain much less GSH than do(More)
A comparison of the staining affinities of aldehyde-fuchsin and the Schiff reagent. Rapid data analysis in quantitative cytochemistry It is now possible to study the biochemistry of single cells in their normal tissue environment by quantitative cytochemistry. The techniques involved have been described by Chayen et al. (1973) and have been used in our(More)
The validity of the concept that cellular NADPH utilization in the cytoplasm can, by quantitative cytochemical procedures, be classified into two pathways (Pathway I, in which NADPH is oxidized via the microsomal electron-transport system, and Pathway II, in which NADPH supplies reducing equivalents for biosynthetic processes) was tested. The amount of(More)
A 32K Commodore Pet microcomputer has been interfaced with two Vickers microdensitometers. This system allows for the simultaneous logging of data from two densitometers being operated independently of each other. Software for the statistical analysis of data generated by the densitometers, and for use with the cytochemical bioassay of hormones, is(More)
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