E. D. Wigle

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SUMMARY Chordae tendineae from 50 normal mitral valves were studied. Four main types can be distinguished by their mode of insertion. Commissural chordae insert into and define the commissures between the anterior and posterior leaflets. Rough zone chordae insert into the ventricular aspect of the distal rough portion of the anterior and posterior leaflets.(More)
We prospectively studied 14 patients with the carcinoid syndrome to determine if two-dimensional echocardiography could detect the nature and extent of valvular abnormalities. Eight of the 14 patients had definite abnormalities of the right-sided cardiac valves. The tricuspid valve had a characteristic appearance, similar to previously described pathologic(More)
During one six-month period 11 patients were referred with a diagnosis of coronary artery disease, because of recurrent episodes of severe, prolonged retrosternal chest pain necessitating from one to seven hospital admissions per patient for "suspect myocardial infarction". In no instance was this diagnosis proved by electrocardiogram or serum enzyme(More)
Muscular subaortic stenosis (MSS) is a genetically determined cardiomyopathy, whereas right ventricular infundibular hypertrophy (IH) apparently is an acquired condition. Since genetic expression in eukaryotic cells may be regulated primarily by DNA-associated proteins, we isolated and characterized the proteins of heart nuclei from nine patients with MSS,(More)
A Cardiovascular Research Database System is being developed at Toronto General Hospital on a Varian V-76 minicomputer. The system utilizes the TOTAL Database Management System as a manager of the internal network structure of the database and the data dictionary/ directory. The system was designed to achieve data independence as defined by the(More)
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