E. D. Vyshepan

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In a s e r i e s of invest igat ions by Belous et al. [2, 3], the specif ic i ty of the effect of exogenous bone RNA on regenera t ion of injured bones, on the synthesis of collagen in them, and on the intensif icat ion of synthes i s of endogenous RNA was demons t ra ted . Alekseev and Konyshev [1] found an i nc rea se in the ra te of growth of the l i ve(More)
F re sh cy toplasmic RNA f rom the l iver of r a t s was injected into r a t s during chronic CCI 4 poisoning and in the per iod of r egenera t ion a f te r poisoning for 2 months . In the second case , a f te r the end of CC14 poisoning, adminis t ra t ion of RNA reduced the col lagen content and r e " s tored the no rma l t ryptophan p y r r o l a s e act(More)
The author studied changes in glutamic-pyruvic transaminase activity of liver homogenates under the effect of various compounds capable and incapable of forming Schiff bases with phosphopyridoxal. The following compounds proved effective in inhibiting the glutamic-pyruvic transaminase activity in the homogenates of rat liver: 1) acyclic-containing both(More)