E. Cruz-Martin

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Ultra-wide band (UWB) sensors are innovative devices constructed for efficient wireless communications that have recently being used for vehicle localization in indoor environments. In contrast, GPS sensors are well-known satellite-based positioning devices widely extended for outdoor applications. We evaluate in this paper the combination of both(More)
Most research in networked robots that use Web interfaces for robot control has been focused recently on the network part, since Ethernet involves poor (unpredictable) time performance. However, we believe that the problem to be addressed is more general and should not be restricted only to communication engineering: the interfaced system as a whole should(More)
The use of the World Wide Web for robot teleoperation is growing in the last years due mainly to the pervasiveness of Internet and Web browsers, although Web interfaces usually use Ethernet networks that exhibit time unpredictability. Most recent research in the area has been focused on improving time predictability of the network under delays, jitter, and(More)
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