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Principal components analysis of quantitative digital dermatoglyphics in a large Oxfordshire sample, subdivided into male, female, urban, and rural subsamples, suggests several distinguishable components. These appear meaningful biologically in that they resemble factors of limb growth, as suggested by evidence from disturbances in limb extremity(More)
IN Britain the continuing existence today of genetic variation between local populations is clear. Dr Kopec's (1970) unparalleled survey demonstrates statistically the existence of two types of variation in ABO gene frequencies; there is either homogeneity over a defined area and abrupt variation along its border, or there is a clearly directed gradient.(More)
Analysis of digital dermatoglyphics in a sample of 109 Samaritans in Cholon, Israel, suggests in several quantitative measures reduction in variance by comparison with the limited data available from populations elsewhere. Such reduction would be expected in an inbred population. It is not clear whether this is due to Samaritan inbreeding, or is a general(More)
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