E Chuan Leong

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INTRODUCTION Splenic abscess is an uncommon clinical problem. Traditionally, the "gold standard" treatment has been splenectomy. However, there is increasing use of non-operative treatments worldwide. MATERIALS AND METHODS A 10-year (1996-2005) retrospective review of case records from a single centre (an 800-bed general hospital) was performed.(More)
The likelihood of successful defibrillation and resuscitation decreases as the duration of cardiac arrest increases. Prolonged cardiac arrest is also associated with the development of acidosis. These experiments were designed to determine whether administration of sodium bicarbonate and/or adrenaline in combination with a brief period of cardiopulmonary(More)
This paper presents the laboratory test results of vertical infiltration on two soil columns of finer over coarser soils subject to simulated rainfalls under conditions of no-ponding at the surface and constant head at the bottom. The main objectives were to evaluate the effect of rainfall intensity and duration; and to provide experimental evidence for(More)
Tree-pulling experiments were conducted in Singapore involving 20 rain trees (Samanea saman) growing in four different soil types (1) structural soil with 80% granite chips and 20% sandy loam soil, (2) structural soil with 50% granite chips and 50% sandy loam soil, (3) in situ soil and (4) top soil. The trees were pulled over with a winch attached to the(More)
Trees are usually grown in containers in the nursery until they reach a certain size, whereupon they are transplanted to a permanent location. Infrastructure development has often led to the removal of large trees. To maintain lush foliage and trees of a size that benefit urban ecology, trees can be grown in containers. Containerized trees can be moved from(More)
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