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We determined the circulating level of bioactivity for skeletal muscle proteolysis-inducing factors (PIF) in the blood samples from cancer patients whose body weight loss was greater than 10%. The level of bioactivity was estimated by measurement of tyrosine release from isolated 1at diaphragm muscles incubated with an ultrafiltered fraction of plasma or(More)
Blood glucose increased in rats treated with a single ip dose of malathion (650 mg/kg). This effect was observed in the first hour of treatment, reached a 2.2-fold peak after 2 hr, and decreased after 4 hr. Malathion (20 micrograms/ml) caused a decrease of glucose utilization in IB-RS-2 cells treated for 8 hr. This effect was observed as early as 30 min(More)
Tri(n-butyl)phosphate (TNBP) and sodium cholate (SC) mixtures have been used to inactivate lipid-enveloped viruses like HIV and hepatitis B. We exploited the use of this combination to purify fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) from human placenta. Human placentas were extracted in the presence of 0.3% TNBP/0.2% SC and the clarified homogenate was adsorbed(More)
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