E. Chan

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Scalable video compression is becoming increasingly more important in diverse, heterogeneous networks of today. In our previous work 2], we developed a scalable codec capable of generating bit rates from tens of kilo bits per second to several mega bits per second with ne granularity of available bit rates. This codec is based on 3-D subband coding and(More)
We describe simple software implementations of parameter embedding (also called continuation and homotopy) algorithms for calculating dc operating points of nonlinear circuits. Past implementation of homotopy algorithms in industrial circuit simulators proved that they were viable options to resolving convergence difficulties when finding cir-cuits' dc(More)
We applied supervised learning methods to classify movies into one of four genres based solely on colors present in the film. Data was obtained from screen captures of the Netflix preview window at 10 second intervals. Our final feature was X = {512-color histogram, avg. color change}. Our genre classes were Y = {Action, Animation, Horror, Romance}. We(More)
Our project tests link prediction in a bipartite graph in the context of identifying new investment opportunities. The bipartite graph is a representation of observed investments in the technology start-up world where edges represent specific investments. We attempt to predict future investments using simple preferential attachment scores and an augmented(More)
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