E. Chan

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Scalable video compression is becoming increasingly more important in diverse, heterogeneous networks of today. In our previous work 2], we developed a scalable codec capable of generating bit rates from tens of kilo bits per second to several mega bits per second with ne granularity of available bit rates. This codec is based on 3-D subband coding and(More)
We describe simple software implementations of parameter embedding (also called continuation and homotopy) algorithms for calculating dc operating points of nonlinear circuits. Past implementation of homotopy algorithms in industrial circuit simulators proved that they were viable options to resolving convergence difficulties when finding cir-cuits' dc(More)
OBJECTIVES The present study objectively examined the possible difference in vocal characteristics associated with English and Cantonese produced by proficient Cantonese-English bilingual speakers. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Forty native speakers of Cantonese (20 males and 20 females) who were proficient in Cantonese and English participated in the study. An(More)
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