E. Cevenini

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Power quality solutions for critical loads have to satisfy some specific needs such as reliability, cost, environmental impact and power conditioning capability. A correct trade-off between these depends on each specific application. The most typical solution for the supply of critical loads is by means of a double conversion UPS that takes the back up(More)
It's now widely acknowledged at international level that the static transfer switch (STS) plays a crucial role in guaranteeing maximum electrical power reliability in environments that are extremely delicate and by their nature vital, for example internet data centres (IDCs). Careful evaluations are required regarding the numerous different pieces of(More)
Power quality is an important subject to correctly dimension protection devices and back up power systems for next generation of telecommunication network. In this paper it is presented an overview of some power quality data obtained using integrated instruments put inside Chloride's UPS, widely distributed in the world and active for quite a few years,(More)
This paper presents the board-level prototype implementation of a complete speech recognition system. The recognition system is based on a chip set still under development and, in its $nul implementation, it will perform real-time isolated-word recognition of up to IO00 word templates. In this paper we show that virtual emulation is an eflective approach to(More)
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