E. Cathrine Strugstad

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The C1 component of the VEP is considered to index initial afference of retinotopic regions of human visual cortex (V1 and V2). C1 onsets over central parieto–occipital scalp between 45 and 60 ms, peaks between 70 and 100 ms, and then resolves into the following P1 component. By exploiting isoluminant and low-contrast luminance stimuli, we assessed the(More)
Purpose To introduce a rapid and objective electrophysiological technique that can assess visual function in the magnocellular pathway, which is thought to be affected in early-stage glaucoma. Methods Low-contrast bright or dark isolated-checks were luminance-modulated against a static background at 10 Hz in order to drive preferentially the magnocellular(More)
The neurobiological mechanisms involved in the development and maintenance of drug dependency are reviewed and discussed. Whereas physical dependency is related to abstinence symptoms with a noradrenergic hyperactivity in locus ceruleus, motivational dependency is related to euphoria, which correlates with dopaminergic activity in the mesolimbic pathway,(More)
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