E. Cabrera

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[reaction: see text] A new route toward puupehenone-related bioactive metabolites from (-)-sclareol, based on the palladium(II)-mediated diastereoselective cyclization of a drimenylphenol, is described. Utilizing this, the first enantiospecific synthesis of the antitumor and antimalarial (-)-15-oxopuupehenol, together with improved syntheses of(More)
A collection of 11 natural and synthetic podolactones have been tested as allelochemicals in a range between 10(-4) and 10(-9) M, and their potential use as natural herbicide models is discussed. Their effects on the germination and growth of the dicots Lactuca sativa (cv. Nigra and cv. Roman), Lepidium sativum, and Lycopersicon esculentum and the monocots(More)
Brain dopaminergic system has a crucial role in the etiology of several neuropsychiatric disorders, including Parkinson's disease, depression, and schizophrenia. Several dopaminergic drugs are used to treat these pathologies, but many problems are attributed to these therapies. Within this context, the search for new more efficient dopaminergic agents with(More)
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