E. C. P. Sears

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BACKGROUND Comprehensive biotic surveys, or 'all taxon biodiversity inventories' (ATBI), have traditionally been limited in scale or scope due to the complications surrounding specimen sorting and species identification. To circumvent these issues, several ATBI projects have successfully integrated DNA barcoding into their identification procedures and(More)
thinking about sexuality. Yes, we must reject a naturalistic approach to sexuality; certainly, we need to challenge the worst excesses of those who see the nineteenth century as a period of sexual darkness: certainly we must explore the relationship between sexuality and power. Yet, there was, they suggest, a real darkening of the sexual climate in the(More)
Its contents do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of either Department, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products or organizations imply endorsement. Reprinting is encouraged with proper credit. This document has greatly benefited from the input of four national associations, which are now collaborative partners in developing the(More)
Dear UGA Faculty and Students: We are delighted and honored to recognize this year's CURO Summer Research Fellows, each of whom is featured here with a summary of his or her faculty-mentored research proposal. The goal of the CURO Summer Research Fellowship is to provide opportunities for intensive, immersive, faculty-guided research experiences for(More)
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