E. C. Milner

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x->y,x=y,y->x holds. Here x -+ y expresses the fact that {x, y} e -+ and we sometimes write this in the alternative form y <--x . Extending the notation to subsets of T we write A --+ B or B <A if a --+ b holds for all pairs a, b with a e A and b e B . T' _ <T,' --+'> is a subtournament of .l, and i is an extension of ,T', if T' e T and -+' is the(More)
The human VH germline repertoire comprises approximately 100 elements, which can be grouped into seven families based on nucleotide sequence similarity. Members of different families are interspersed throughout the complex, with limited sets of alleles identified for most loci. Linkage disequilibrium between most elements is weak. Variation within the(More)
The immunoglobulin VH gene 51p1, a member of the large VH1 gene family, is preferentially expressed by B cells in the fetus and in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and appears to be the source for many cryoglobulin rheumatoid factors. Polymorphism of 51p1 may therefore be functionally important. We have studied the germline representation of 51p1 and(More)
It has been conjectured by Cowan and Emerson [3] that every graph has an unfriendly partition; i.e., there is a partition of the vertex set V= V, v V, such that every vertex of V, is joined to at least as many vertices in V, _, as to vertices in V,. It is easily seen that every rinite graph has such a partition, and hence by compactness so does any locally(More)
1. 1ntrodocti0n. Since 1958 we have published a number of joint papers on set theory [l] . . . [K?] and some triple papers with R. Rado, E. C. Milner, J. Czipszer, G. FGdor 1131. I . [17]. During this period we collected a fair amount of problems we could not solve. Some of them are stated in the papers we have published, some are connected with unpublished(More)
We have recently assigned the facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) gene to chromome 4 by linkage to the microsatellite marker Mfd 22 (locus D4S171). We now report that D4S139, a VNTR locus, is much more closely linked to FSHD. Two-point linkage analysis between FSHD and D4S139 in nine informative families showed a maximum combined lod score (Zmax)(More)