E. C. Karvounis

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In this work, we present a platform for the development of multiscale patient-specific artery and atherogenesis models. The platform, called ARTool, integrates technologies of 3-D image reconstruction from various image modalities, blood flow and biological models of mass transfer, plaque characterization, and plaque growth. Patient images are acquired for(More)
This paper introduces an automated methodology for the extraction of fetal heart rate from cutaneous potential abdominal electrocardiogram (abdECG) recordings. A three-stage methodology is proposed. Having the initial recording, which consists of a small number of abdECG leads in the first stage, the maternal R-peaks and fiducial points (QRS onset and(More)
A novel three-stage methodology for the detection of fetal heart rate (fHR) from multivariate abdominal ECG recordings is introduced. In the first stage, the maternal R-peaks and fiducial points (maternal QRS onset and offset) are detected, using band-pass filtering and phase space analysis. The maternal fiducial points are used to eliminate the maternal(More)
A three-stage method for fetal heart rate extraction, from abdominal ECG recordings, is proposed. In the first stage the maternal R-peaks and fiducial points (QRS onset and offset) are detected, using time-frequency analysis, and the maternal QRS complexes are eliminated. The second stage locates the positions of the candidate fetal R-peaks, using complex(More)
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the gastrointestinal tract comprising Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Although the pathogenesis of the disease is not clearly defined yet, environmental, genetic and other factors contribute to the onset of the disease. Apart from the clinical and histopathological findings,(More)
OBJECTIVE In the present work a cardiovascular simulator designed both for clinical and training use is presented. METHOD The core of the simulator is a lumped parameter model of the cardiovascular system provided with several modules for the representation of baroreflex control, blood transfusion, ventricular assist device (VAD) therapy and drug(More)
Collagen Proportional Area (CPA) extraction using digital image analysis (DIA) in liver biopsies provides an effective way to estimate the liver disease staging. CPA represents accurately fibrosis expansion in liver tissue. This paper presents an automated clustering-based method for fibrosis detection and CPA computation. Initially, a k-means based(More)
The control problem for LVADs is to set pump speed such that cardiac output and pressure perfusion are within acceptable physiological ranges. However, current technology of LVADs cannot provide for a closed-loop control scheme that can make adjustments based on the patient's level of activity. In this context, the SensorART Speed Selection Module (SSM)(More)