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Forty-eight isolates of Listeria spp. (19 L. monocytogenes, 27 L. innocua, 2 L. welshimeri) from bulk raw milk were screened for plasmid DNA. These isolates were collected over a period of 1 year. Only L. innocua harboured plasmids (8/27 strains) which ranged in size 10-44 megadaltons. The plasmid bearing strains could be arranged into three groups 10 Md,(More)
From 36 of 315 bulk tank sources of raw milk found to harbour Listeria spp., 34 were available for resampling at intervals to determine persistence of the organisms. Listeriae were reisolated from 21 sources. In 16 Listeria spp. were isolated in one retest. From the other five listeriae were obtained in more than one retest. Listerial populations were not(More)
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