E . C . Aschenauer

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C. J. G. Onderwater,1,2 K. Allaart,1 E. C. Aschenauer,2 Th. S. Bauer,2,4 D. J. Boersma,2,4 E. Cisbani,3 S. Frullani,3 F. Garibaldi,3 W. J. W. Geurts,1 D. L. Groep,2 W. H. A. Hesselink,1,2 M. Iodice,3 E. Jans,2 N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki,5 W-J. Kasdorp,2 C. Kormanyos,1,2 L. Lapikás,2 J. J. van Leeuwe,2 R. De Leo,6 A. Misiejuk,2,4 A. R. Pellegrino,1,2 R.(More)
Single-spin asymmetries for semi-inclusive electroproduction of charged pions in deep-inelastic scattering of positrons are measured for the first time with transverse target polarization. The asymmetry depends on the azimuthal angles of both the pion (phi) and the target spin axis (phi(S)) about the virtual-photon direction and relative to the lepton(More)
We present the first measurement of elliptic (v(2)) and triangular (v(3)) flow in high-multiplicity (3)He+Au collisions at √(s(NN))=200  GeV. Two-particle correlations, where the particles have a large separation in pseudorapidity, are compared in (3)He+Au and in p+p collisions and indicate that collective effects dominate the second and third Fourier(More)
A. Airapetian,30 N. Akopov,30 Z. Akopov,30 M. Amarian,6, 30 V.V. Ammosov,22 A. Andrus,15 E.C. Aschenauer,6 W. Augustyniak,29 R. Avakian,30 A. Avetissian,30 E. Avetissian,10 P. Bailey,15 V. Baturin,21 C. Baumgarten,19 M. Beckmann,5 S. Belostotski,21 S. Bernreuther,8 N. Bianchi,10 H.P. Blok,20, 28 J. Blümlein,6 H. Böttcher,6 A. Borissov,17 A. Borysenko,10 M.(More)
The PHENIX experiment has measured open heavy-flavor production via semileptonic decay over the transverse momentum range 1 < p(T) < 6  GeV/c at forward and backward rapidity (1.4 < |y| < 2.0) in d+Au and p + p collisions at √sNN = 200  GeV. In central d+Au collisions, relative to the yield in p + p collisions scaled by the number of binary nucleon-nucleon(More)
Production and decay angular distributions were extracted from measurements of exclusive electroproduction of the ρ(770) meson over a range in the virtual photon negative four-momentum squared 0.5 < Q < 4 GeV and the photon-nucleon invariant mass range 3.8 < W < 6.5 GeV. The experiment was performed with the Hermes spectrometer, using a longitudinally(More)
Rapidity-odd directed flow (v1) measurements for charged pions, protons, and antiprotons near midrapidity (y=0) are reported in sNN=7.7, 11.5, 19.6, 27, 39, 62.4, and 200 GeV Au+Au collisions as recorded by the STAR detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. At intermediate impact parameters, the proton and net-proton slope parameter dv1/dy|y=0 shows(More)
We report a new measurement of the midrapidity inclusive jet longitudinal double-spin asymmetry, A_{LL}, in polarized pp collisions at center-of-mass energy sqrt[s]=200  GeV. The STAR data place stringent constraints on polarized parton distribution functions extracted at next-to-leading order from global analyses of inclusive deep-inelastic scattering(More)
We present azimuthal angular correlations between charged hadrons and energy deposited in calorimeter towers in central d+Au and minimum bias p+p collisions at sqrt[s_{NN}]=200 GeV. The charged hadron is measured at midrapidity |η|<0.35, and the energy is measured at large rapidity (-3.7<η<-3.1, Au-going direction). An enhanced near-side angular correlation(More)
We report the beam energy (sqrt[sNN]=7.7-200  GeV) and collision centrality dependence of the mean (M), standard deviation (σ), skewness (S), and kurtosis (κ) of the net-proton multiplicity distributions in Au+Au collisions. The measurements are carried out by the STAR experiment at midrapidity (|y|<0.5) and within the transverse momentum range 0.4<pT<0.8 (More)