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Research has demonstrated increased attention to negative social cues and reduced attention to positive social cues in generalized social anxiety disorder (GSAD), but little is known about whether GSAD also involves differences in lower levels of visual processing. This study explored visual experience in GSAD compared to participants with generalized(More)
A dual task method was used to examine the relationship between strategy use and working memory load during subtraction problem solving. Undergraduates mentally solved subtraction problems alone and while performing secondary tasks that involved the central executive of working memory. Analyses revealed that a central executive task involving response(More)
People believe they experience the world objectively, but research continually demonstrates that beliefs influence perception. Emerging research indicates that beliefs influence the experience of eating. In three studies, we test whether beliefs about how animals are raised can influence the experience of eating meat. Samples of meat were paired with(More)
The computer programs most users interact with daily are driven by a graphical user interface (GUI). However, many scientific applications are used with a command line interface (CLI) for the ease of development and increased flexibility this mode provides. Scientific application developers would benefit from being able to provide a GUI easily for their CLI(More)
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