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Although sinusoidal models have been demonstrated to be capable of high-quality m usical instrument synthesis [1], speech modication [2], and speech synthesis [3], little exploration of the application of these models to the synthesis of singing voice has been un-dertaken. In this paper, we propose a system framework similar to that employed in(More)
We have measured potential-dependent changes in the absorption of light by oxidized cholesterol bilayer lipid membranes in the presence of impermeant oxonol dyes. The magnitude of the absorption signal increased linearly with the size of potential steps over a range of 500 mV. The signal also increased when the offset voltage of the pulse train was(More)
This paper describes algorithms developed to apply the Analysis-by-Synthesis/Overlap-Add (ABS/OLA) sinusoidal modeling system to real-time speech and singing voice synthesis. As originally proposed, the ABS/OLA system is limited to unidirectional time-scaling, and relies on variable frame length to accomplish timescale modification. For speech and voice(More)