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We report on a fiber-optics implementation of the Deutsch-Jozsa and Bernstein-Vazirani quantum algorithms for 8-point functions. The measured visibility of the 8-path interferometer is about 97.5%. Potential applications of our setup to quantum communication or cryptographic protocols using several qubits are discussed.
Vector modulation instability induced by vacuum fluctuations in highly birefringent fibers in the anomalous dispersion regime We report a detailed experimental study of vector modulation instability in highly birefringent optical fibers in the anomalous dispersion regime. We prove that the observed instability is mainly induced by vacuum fluctuations. The(More)
Few photon systems are best described by their wave function rather than by the usual quantum field formalism. Until recently, the existence of a wave function for photons has been an object of controversy. Important breakthrough happened during the last ten years, sharpening the wave function concept and giving it a precise definition. We show how the(More)
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