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The treatment of dentinogenesis imperfecta represents a challenge for the dental practitioner. The aim of this case report was to describe the chronology and problems encountered in the long-term rehabilitation of a young girl suffering from dentinogenesis imperfecta with severe attrition. A 2-stage treatment over a period of 9 years is described and(More)
The authors propose surgical endodontic treatment of immature teeth characterized by necrosis and infection, especially after failure of apexification or in the presence of older, fibrous, and extensive lesion. A glass ionomer cement, autopolymerizable and condensable, is used as retro-filling material and as a reinforcement material for the canal walls.(More)
We report a patient with nail and bone disorders of the index and middle fingers (Iso and Kikuchi syndrome) associated with chronic discoid lupus erythematosus. Angiographic studies showed filiform arteries of the fingers and slow blood circulation. Since a vascular pathogenic mechanisms is probable, the designation "Congenital ischemic onychodystrophy"(More)
As fMRI data is high dimensional, applications like connectivity studies, normalization or multivariate analyses, need to reduce data dimension while minimizing the loss of functional information. In our study we use connectivity profiles as a new functional feature to aggregate voxels into clusters. This offers two major advantages in comparison with the(More)
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