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OBJECTIVE To assess hospital costs associated with coronary artery bypass grafting performed on elective coronary patients, and the relation of costs with the number of grafts. METHODS Descriptive prospective study carried out at Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiologia in April, May and June of 2005. Coronary patients of different ages and both genders(More)
PURPOSE To verify the direct average cost of the material used in the Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery and to compare the average cost according to the number of bypasses perfomed (arterial and veins grafts). METHODS This is a descriptive study conducted in a Cardiac Surgery Center in S o Paulo city. The sample includes 104 procedures for CABG(More)
OBJECTIVE Identifying the average direct cost of TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) for the different access routes. METHOD This is a research with a quantitative, exploratory and descriptive approach carried out in a government teaching hospital in the state of São Paulo. RESULTS The average direct cost of TAVI procedures by the access(More)
Mit der Silbermethode nach Bielscholwsky-Jabonero haben die Autoren die Blutzirkulation der Haut und Anhangsorgane (Haar, Talgdrüsen, apokrine und ekkrine Schweißdrüsen), der Brustwarze und anderer Hautbezirke des Menschen sowie der Brustwarzen von 16 Tieren (Hunden, Schwein, Schaf, Ziege, Kuh und Äffin) untersucht. Diese Untersuchungen zeigen, daß es in(More)
As fMRI data is high dimensional, applications like connectivity studies, normalization or multivariate analyses, need to reduce data dimension while minimizing the loss of functional information. In our study we use connectivity profiles as a new functional feature to aggregate voxels into clusters. This offers two major advantages in comparison with the(More)
By the method of Aplas tissues of Sarcoidosis and of controls were tested to state the existence of germs. In the controls to an even larger extent and in greater quantity than in Sarcoidosis the structures called by Aplas mycobacterias and considered to be the etiological agent of Sarcoidosis, Tuberculosis cutis luposa and of the(More)
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