E Bischofberger

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Simultaneous recording was performed from pairs of motor units either in a small intrinsic hand muscle (first dorsal interosseus, 6 subjects, 37 records) or in two synergistic calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus, 6 subjects, 50 records). The two motor units were recorded by means of two electrodes inserted into the muscle during stationary isometric(More)
Management of demented patients who forcefully refuse dental treatment may cause ethical dilemmas and arouse feelings of frustration and anxiety in the dentist. The aim of this study is to develop and evaluate an appropriate method for analysing ethical problems in dentistry for demented patients. A taperecorded transcribed semistructured interview was(More)
This article is the contribution of a Jesuit priest, a teacher of medical ethics at Uppsala, to a debate inspired by a Swedish official report "The pregnant woman and fetus--2 individuals. On fetal diagnostics. On late abortions." In a society which depends upon a structured consensus as much as Sweden does, the report has been criticized for not making(More)
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