E Ben-Galim

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Two three-year-old boys with dwarfism (height ages 1-4/2 and 1-11/12 years) and delayed bone ages (1-4/12 and 1-9/12 years) had normal growth hormone (GH) responses after stimulation and low levels of somatomedin. Unlike patients with Laron syndrome, the two patients generated normal levels of somatomedin after administration of exogenous hGH. Treatment(More)
In vitro studies have suggested that catabolism of branched chain amino acids is linked with alanine and glutamine formed in, and released from, muscle. To explore this possibility in vivo, static and kinetic studies were performed in three patients with classical, and one patient with partial, branched chain alpha-ketoacid decarboxylase deficiency (maple(More)
Sequential glucose flux studies were carried out in five normal and six epileptic children and ten adult volunteers using [6,6-2H2]glucose to determine the effect of ketosis on carbohydrate homeostasis in children and adults. All subjects were studied after 14 and 30-38 h of fasting while consuming a normal diet and the epileptic children under 14 h of(More)
A 6-week-old boy with severe pneumonia developed hyponatremia as a result of the syndrome of inapropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH). Cerebral edema and seizures occurred after administration of fluids and diuretics. Fluid restriction and resolution of the pneumonia corrected the severe electrolyte imbalance. The possibility of SIADH should be(More)
Of the four possible stereoisomers of isoleucine, only L-alloisoleucine and L-isoleucine were found by capillary gas chromatography in the plasma of two maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) patients, one with classical and one with variant MSUD. The relative plasma concentration ratios of L-alloisoleucine/L-isoleucine were 0.795 +/- 0.025 (+/- 95% confidence(More)
Topical application of 5% testosterone cream for 21 days resulted in enlargement of the penis to normal size for age in five boys with normal XY karyotype who had microphallus and hypopituitarism. In four patients, testosterone cream was applied locally to the penis and in one to an area of skin in the right axilla. Serum testosterone values rose from(More)
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