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We estimated the size of the thyroid gland by palpation and measured thyroid gland volume with ultrasound in the immediate postpartum period and six months after delivery in 16 women. The 13% reduction in the mean thyroid gland volume detected six months after delivery implied that the thyroid gland enlarges slightly during pregnancy. Physical examination,(More)
BACKGROUND This study was done to evaluate what percent of emergency cesarean sections are begun within the 30 minute interval between decision and incision time and to evaluate morbidity associated with this time interval. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective patient-control study of records from 75 patients undergoing emergency cesarean sections and two(More)
We treated a hypoparathyroid woman with calcitriol during pregnancy and did not reduce the dosage after delivery. Despite lactation, the serum calcium level increased to 15.4 mg/dL 11 days postpartum. We treated two other hypoparathyroid women during four pregnancies with either calcitriol or dihydrotachysterol. In all five pregnancies, requirements for the(More)
We treated 30 diabetic women (31 pregnancies) during the peripartum period with a continuous insulin infusion. A mean infusion rate of 1.0 micron/h maintained the mean plasma glucose concentration below 100 mg/dl in 84% of the patients; the plasma glucose concentration was below 100 mg/dl within an hour of delivery in 71% of the women. Mild hypoglycemia(More)
Microbubbles are currently in clinical use as ultrasound contrast agents and under active investigation as mediators of ultrasound therapy. To improve the theranostic potential of microbubbles, nanoparticles can be attached to the bubble shell for imaging, targeting and/or enhancement of acoustic response. Existing methods for fabricating particle-loaded(More)
Eight consecutive cases of open laparoscopic oophorectomy and salpingo-oophorectomy are reported. A modified technique that requires fewer specialized instruments and includes removal of the intact adnexa is demonstrated. Patients were not included if there was any suspicion of malignancy. Indications for surgery included chronic pelvic pain after(More)
This paper describes the development by ELA Medical of an analog library dedicated to implantable pacemakers and defibrillators using the VHDL-AMS language for mixed-signal ASICs. ELA Medical has been a leading company since 1977 for medical devices used in thediagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. The objective is to provide designers with a(More)
Intraoperative rapid autologous blood transfusion is a resource that is available in many operating suites but is currently underused in gynecologic surgery. A case is presented in which an intraoperative autotransfusion of 1560 ml of free intraperitoneal blood was performed to aid in resuscitation of a 31-year-old woman with a ruptured tubal pregnancy.
Magnetically responsive microbubbles (MagMBs), consisting of an oxygen gas core and a phospholipid coating functionalised with Rose Bengal (RB) and/or 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), were assessed as a delivery vehicle for the targeted treatment of pancreatic cancer using combined antimetabolite and sonodynamic therapy (SDT). MagMBs delivering the combined 5-FU/SDT(More)
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