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Established methods for monitoring regeneration of the corticospinal tract involve anterograde labelling of the cortical motor neuron. While wheat germ agglutinin-horseradish peroxidase conjugate has been used to anterogradely label these neurons, we demonstrate that this technique may not completely label the whole axon and fine terminal processes when(More)
As generalizations of results of Christandl et al.[1, 2] and Facer et al.[3], Bernasconi et al.[4, 5] studied perfect state transfer (PST) between two particles in quantum networks modeled by a large class of cubelike graphs (e.g., the hypercube) which are the Cayley graphs of the elementary abelian group Z n 2. In Refs. [6, 7], respectively, PST of a qubit(More)
Following the prescription of Ref. [1] in which perfect state transference (PST) of a qubit over distance regular spin networks was discussed, in this paper PST of an arbitrary d-level quantum state (qudit) over antipodes of more general networks called pseudo distance-regular networks, is investigated. In fact, the spectral analysis techniques used in the(More)
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